Education and training are two of the most valuable gifts every person receives.  At the same time, every child is eager to learn about many different disciplines so the school becomes, with permission of the household, the most important place for our childhood.  In my case, geography and natural sciences were my favourite disciplines.  At that time, I used to spend many hours reading books at home (including many generalist encyclopaedias) and visiting Don Benito’s library.

Despite the many changes which take place during adolescence, I want to focus today on the transition from high school to university. I found this change particularly challenging.  My own experience was emphasized by two facts: I attended a university in Madrid far from my home; and I started Industrial Engineering (equivalent to mechanical and electronic engineering in other countries like the United Kingdom) which was one of the most complicated undergraduate courses in Spain.  The percentage of students who used to succeed on reaching the second year was lower than 50%!

As a child, I used to dream about being a vet but a bit later I found out that blood businesses were not my cup of tea. I guess this has not been the single career change taking place before any real work is started…I  studied sciences at high school including some technical courses such as Technologies and Technical drawing. This education put me on the science and engineering track.  Although I considered Economics during some time (my sister Ana initiated a joint degree in Economics and Law only two years before), I chose Industrial Engineering because of my interest in renewable energy technologies. Supported by the positive comments of my family, I was certain about selecting a degree which would give me future opportunities as well as contributing to a more sustainable society.

After choosing the degree, I needed to apply for the proper university.  Although I considered the regional university (University of Extremadura) until some extent, the decision was to follow the steps of my sister Ana. The engineering school of the Carlos III University is located on the outskirts of Madrid, in a dormitory town called Leganés (see header image). Founded in 1989, it is a public university which has significant prestigious in Spain.  In September 2002, a discreet and to be honest a bit scared student arrived at Leganés to become an engineer.  I lived for five years in the student hall Fernando Abril Martorell. During and after this university experience, I have been able to experience many different things which I will be happy to share with you. Today, I write these lines from Geneva (Switzerland) but this story should be told at a different time.

Carlos III university of Madrid:

Bachelor degree in Energy Engineering:

Student hall Fernando Abril Martorell: