My work

I am a maître-assistant (senior researcher and teaching assistant) at the Energy Efficiency Group of the University of Geneva leaded by Professor Patel since August 2016. As part of the Institute for Environmental Sciences (ISE), I contribute to both researching and teaching in the Master Universitaire en Sciences de l’Environnement (MUSE).

I evaluate the role of energy technologies in the context of the energy transition at the Swiss and international levels. Energy storage has been my main research focus so far and I build models to provide optimum solutions for techno-economic and environmental targets. My research evaluates the performance of energy storage technologies for individual applications as well as combining applications (benefit stacking). My research aims at accelerating the penetration of energy storage within the wider energy system including various geographical scales, namely national, regional (district and/or city) and local (community).

Energy efficiency in the built environment together with district heating and cooling are also part of my current research portfolio.

My teaching portfolio includes:

  • Enjeux->Introduction to the five specialisations of the MUSE including energy
  • Approche interdisciplinaire des filières énergétiques et politiques énergétiques->design and development of an interdisciplinary project by the students in group
  • Research methods for energy analysis

I also guide both PhD students and master students.

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